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John Stuyfzand - Owner

616-291-3749 - jstuyfzand@gmail.com

John has been in the used car business a long time! He started his own service garage back in the 1980's before establishing a dealership in 1992. He started by running the entire operation by himself. He bought the cars, fixed the cars, cleaned them, towed them, and sold them. As he became more established he hired a mechanic around 1995. Things continued to develop he began to do "in house financing" or buy here pay here. As time has went on he has grown this business through word of mouth and repeat customers. He is now focused on purchasing vehicles 5 days a week all across the country!

Chris Stuyfzand - General Manager/Service Adviser

616-291-0938 - stuyfzandc@gmail.com

Chris was born into the car business and has grown to love it. He works hard at improving the dealership steadily! He started in 2011 just selling a couple cars a week. In 2012 his first year at the dealership the improved from 10 cars a month up to 15. As he has increased his number of lenders it has helped the dealership provide newer and nicer vehicles. In 2013 the sales again had an increase from 15 up to 25 a month! His primary day to day task is managing over the staff, assuring the vehicles get the service they require in a timely fashion. He still contributes in sales but has taken over the service side of the operation, let him know if you have any questions or concerns!

Holly Stuyfzand - Finance Manager/Sales

616-558-1102 - stuyfzandh@gmail.com

Holly has been working here at Priced Right Auto since 2014, but was also brought up around the car business. Her customers love her for her friendly personality and honesty! She has been a key contributor in increasing our sales volume to over 50 vehicles per month in 2015! Any questions regarding sales or financing can go directly through Holly!

Todd Hunt - Mechanic


Todd has been with John for the long haul over 15 years! He has been our steady mechanic for many years and does a great job! Todd is our drive line specialist! He is great with engine removal & install, transmission removal & install, rebuilding differentials, and much more! He has been repairing, rebuilding, and fixing vehicles for over 30 years!

Greg Curtis - Parts


Greg has been apart of our staff since 2011! He has been very helpful and puts in what hours he can. Greg also runs his own laser engraving/trophy business on the side, so his hours here are limited! He comes in a few days a week and helps build invoices, order parts, and logs out part invoices. We have always moved Greg from task to task, but one thing remains the same, he is always thorough and does a good job at what we ask of him!

Joshua Guiles - Detailer


Josh is known to be one of our hardest working employees he has been on the staff since 2014. A 50 hour work week is normal, and he contributes in many ways! Cleaning is Josh's primary task, but also contributes cleaning our shop, arranging the lot, taking vehicle photos and much more! All customers who have had Josh detail their vehicles have picked up their vehicle astonished by his finished product. He prides himself in quality work and has been a great addition to our staff!

Jeff Roberts - Mechanic


Jeff has been our latest addition, new in 2016! Don't let that fool you, he has been a mechanic for over 20 years! Jeff is ASE certified and has worked for big garages in the past including Kool Chevrolet! We have been happy to add Jeff to our staff, his primary role has been diagnostics! As many of you know, vehicles now days have become very technical and although Jeff loves his classics he has kept up the latest technology and continues to diagnose our toughest problems!

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