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Advantages of a Cheap Used Car

Budgets come in all shapes and sizes. It’s always exciting to make a big purchase on a new vehicle and get all of the features that come with it.


Cheap used cars have their upside. Yeah, I said that. I know...I know….there is so much hesitation behind buying a cheap used car. There’s always the questioning of the reliability of the vehicle, the lack of tech and features, and perhaps most importantly...is it safe?
Those are all fair and reasonable concerns.

So how can you find a cheap used car that works for you?

First things first, do your research! Anytime you plan to purchase a vehicle you should be doing research. Read reviews from previous owners, watch informative videos on specific cars, get a Carfax report on the vehicle and look through the service history records.
This will give you an idea of whether the purchase is a good idea or not, and give you a sense of what potential issues you could encounter with the car if something were to go wrong.

Secondly, be aware of the brand you are buying from! There are some car manufacturers that tend to have higher rates of reliability and vehicle life-span. You should know if you don’t already, that car manufacturers like Toyota, Subaru, Mazda, Ford, and General Motors tend to be very reliable. American made vehicles also tend to be cheaper to fix if they do have an issue due to the parts being more frequently available and made in excess.

The third thing you can do to make a cheap used car work for you is be honest with yourself. Understand that if you buy a cheap used car as a means for transportation, you have to know that is exactly what it is….a means for transportation.
Don’t buy into the idea that you are missing out on a “premium driving experience” if you don’t have the newest and most expensive car on the road. Used Cars, especially cheap ones have lots of charm, character, reliability, and features to make driving everyday an enjoyable experience. Embrace that, and enjoy the ride!

Priced Right Auto stands behind all of the vehicles we sell. We buy a wide variety of used cars from out of state to ensure they are rust-free, and we have our ASE Certified Technicians service them before they are made available for purchase.
Check out our inventory for all of our latest vehicles for sale!

Best Practices for Planning a Road Trip

Michigan in general is a great state for doing a road trip, but especially West Michigan!

Whether you want to go downtown Grand Rapids and enjoy the bars and restaurants, maybe head up to Spring Lake and drive a dune buggy in the sand, or go to one of the scenic beaches in Grand Haven or Muskegon, you have lots of options!
But the only thing getting between you and your destination is the road, and sometimes those trips can be long and strenuous. So it’s always a good idea to prepare for the road to make your trip as fun as possible.

Here at Priced Right Auto know a thing or two about road trips, we sell lots of vehicles to families that tell us they needed something specifically to haul their family throughout the state on the road during the summers.
So we put together a list of 4 things you should do to make sure your road trip goes as smoothly as possible.

Make sure to clean out your car and load up the trunk the night before.
Spare yourself the headache in the morning of rushing to get ready and double-checking your bags for all your essential items. Do that the night before, and start your morning off stress-free.

Make sure you have all the right snacks
Ask all of your passengers what they like and make sure you pack all the right items. This will prevent any of your passengers from becoming “hangry” and being in a bad mood on your trip.

Create a great playlist or find a great podcast
Nothing is more essential to a road trip than something enjoyable to listen to while the time goes by. Make a playlist with your friends and find a podcast that would appeal to your passengers common interests.

Take breaks when necessary
Even if you do everything right, some road trips can be so long that no matter what….being in an enclosed space for hours can wear on you and your passengers. Take breaks. Use the rest stops along your journey, get out of the car, stretch, walk around for a little bit. Recover and continue along your journey.

Priced Right Auto has two locations in Marne & Nunica. We are conveniently located in close proximity to Grand Rapids, Muskegon, Grand Haven, Coopersville, and many other West Michigan communities!

Truck or SUV, Which Is Better For You

So you want a comfortable ride in something that has as much capability as you do. You’re in the market for a used truck or suv and you are not sure which is better. Maybe you’ve asked yourself what’s really the difference between the two.
After all, they're just big vehicles that do a lot of the same things. Well that may be true, but there are quite a few key differences that may play a key role in your decision.

So what are the differences?

Well, the first thing you should know is that certain brands and types of SUVs will get better fuel economy. The car industry has made leaps and bounds when it comes to improving the fuel economy of larger vehicles, but depending on the make, model, and engine of a vehicle these can all affect the fuel economy, though SUV’s in general tend to outperform trucks when it comes to saving some money at the pump.

The second thing you should know is that trucks tend to be way better performers when it comes to towing. Modern engineering designs trucks to have as much durability and function as possible, giving them the strength to carry big loads behind them with extreme ease.
The third thing you should know is that SUV’s come in all shapes and sizes. How big is your life? How often do you have lots of people in your car? These will be critical factors when it comes to how big of an SUV you might get. If you’re just looking for a comfortable daily driver to commute around the city in, maybe a compact or mid-size SUV is the one for you.

But if you’ve got a big family that needs to be hauled to school every morning, and you like to go on long road trips, a big 3-row SUV might be the one for you.

The last thing you should know about is trucks are the more reliable of the two. SUV reliability is overall still very good, but trucks are built with durability in mind. Something you may want to factor in your decision depending on how long you like to keep a vehicle for.

How Should You Prepare Your Car for a Trade-In

Trade-ins are commonplace at pretty much every Used Car Dealership in America. Customers are always looking to get the most cash they can for their trade, and even sometimes use it as equity towards the purchase of a new vehicle.

So to give yourself the best opportunity to get the most for your trade-in, what should you do?

First things first, clean your vehicle inside and out. Make sure that when you present the vehicle it is looking its absolute best. Vehicles that are dirty and have been for a long period of time may require deep cleaning and detailing, which will factor in how much your trade is worth if the buying the car will already cost a dealership money. 

The second thing you should do is gather any important documents you may be required to have to trade the vehicle in. Make sure that you have your car’s title, registration, and if possible any service records. If you don’t have your service records, our dealership will be able to find them.

The third thing you should do is conduct your own research. Get an idea for your vehicle’s worth based on things like: year, make, model, mileage, trim level, and more. You can use many tools to do this, including the appraisal on our website. Or, you can always just stop into our dealership and ask our staff for an appraisal too!

Do you think your car is ready for an appraisal? Contact us today or come visit one of our locations in Marne & Nunica. We are conveniently located in close proximity to Grand Rapids, Muskegon, Grand Haven, Coopersville, and many other West Michigan communities!

What are the Risks of Buying a Used Car

So you’re looking for a new ride and perhaps doing some research on what used car might be best for you. If you’re like most car buyers, you’ve probably weighed some options between makes and models, looked into other customer opinions on specific vehicles and come across a lot of information. 

How do you know you can trust your buying a used car from a good place? 

How can you make sure that the car is in good condition and won’t become a money pit needing endless repairs? 

How can you know that what a dealership is telling you about a vehicle is true and they’re not just trying to make a quick sale?

At Priced Right Auto we take lots of steps to make sure these questions get answered. 

The first thing we do is avoid purchasing inventory from Michigan and other varied climate areas in the US. This ensures that vehicles we purchase will be rust-free, and won’t be damaged from long-term exposure to the elements.

The second thing we do is service every vehicle that needs any sort of maintenance before we sell it. Any vehicle listed on our website must be in buying condition before we even take pictures of it. We take pride in standing behind the vehicles we sell, and giving our customers a quality vehicle every single time. 

The third thing we do is provide a detailed Carfax report on every single vehicle that comes into our inventory. This allows a customer to be able to do their own research on a vehicle they are interested in, all from the comfort of their own home. These Carfax reports contain vital information like:

  • Service History Records
  • Lists of Previous Ownership
  • Previous Locations of the Vehicle
  • Reports of Damage or Vehicle Dysfunction

You can view our Inventory on our Website for both our Marne & Nunica locations. We have a variety of used cars, trucks, and SUV’s coming in all the time! 

How Often Should I Service My Vehicle

Maintaining your vehicle is essential for so many reasons. Not only does a well-maintained vehicle last longer and perform better, but if you ever decide to sell your vehicle or trade it in, the overall condition of the vehicle will play a critical factor as to how much it is worth. 

So, being that it’s in both the consumer and the buyers best interest to have a well maintained vehicle how often should you service it
Experts recommend that a vehicle be fully serviced every 10,000-12,000 miles. These incremental check ups with your vehicle will give you peace of mind knowing the status of your vehicle's condition, and you will have a greater chance of getting ahead of anything that could cause potential long term damage, and avoid expensive repairs. 

Our expert ASE & State Certified Technicians also recommend that you have your vehicle’s oil changed every 3,000-5,000 miles.

Routine Oil Changes will improve your vehicle’s engine efficiency, engine performance, gas mileage, and reduce your emissions. All of these factors will play a part in the overall life-span, condition, and quality of your vehicle.

Schedule an appointment at one of our Service Centers today! We have two locations in Marne and Nunica. We are conveniently located in close proximity to Grand Rapids, Muskegon, Grand Haven, Coopersville, and many other West Michigan communities!

Priced Right Auto in Marne & Nunica

One of the most unique things about Priced Right Auto is the locations of both of our dealerships and service centers! West Michigan covers a lot of ground, and there are lots of communities in between Grand Rapids, Muskegon, Grand Haven, and Coopersville!

That’s why we have dealerships and service centers that are less than 20 minutes away from Grand Rapids, Muskegon, Grand Haven, and Coopersville. So no matter which location you are closest to you can receive trusted sales and service no matter what. 

Priced Right Auto has a wide range of Used Car Inventory from Cars, Trucks, SUV’s, and more! All of the used cars we purchase come from out-of-state and are fully serviced before they make it on to our lot. 

We stand behind the used cars we sell, because we actually put in the time and effort to make sure that every used car, truck, or SUV that comes on to our lot is in excellent condition. 

We also offer full transparency with our customers, and give detailed Carfax reports on every used vehicle that comes into our inventory to make sure that our customers always know the history of what they are buying. 

Come visit Priced Right Auto today at either of our locations in Marne or Nunica! 

Why Should You Buy at Priced Right Auto

Looking for a used car, but not sure who to trust? At Priced Right Auto we understand why someone would feel that way. Buying a used car has the potential to be a stressful and time-consuming process.

 We have seen throughout the years how used car dealerships can be incredibly flawed in the way they do business and ensuring the customer is a valuable part of their own used car buying experience. 

So, we did something about it. We structured our business to put the customer first and take the stress out of the used car buying process. How did we do this?

We created the Priced Right Auto Promise. These are the principles by which we do business. It is as follows:

Quality Pre-Owned Inventory Purchased Nationwide
Multi-Point Inspections on All Inventory Performed by Certified Technicians
Fully Serviced Vehicles Prior to the Time of Sale
Transparent, Pressure Free Sales Environment
3-month, 3,000 Mile Free Powertrain Warranty on our Inventory

We invite anybody to walk into one of our dealerships and service centers in Marne or Nunica, and experience the Priced Right Auto difference. We are one of the highest rated and reviewed dealerships in West Michigan for a reason!

We are locations that are in close proximity to Grand Rapids, Muskegon, Grand Haven, Cooperville, and many other West Michigan communities!

The Importance of an Oil Change

It’s probably the number one thing people think of when it comes to maintaining their car, an oil change. It’s important that all vehicles are routinely getting their oil changed, not just for the maintenance of the car, but also for the long-term condition and safety of the vehicle.

Changing a car’s oil helps the engine function better, and run more smoothly. By ensuring that your vehicle's engine oil is properly lubricated you get the benefits of better engine life-span, performance, and even better gas mileage.

At Price Right Auto the ASE & State Certified Technicians at our Marne & Nunica locations are experts at providing the best oil change possible, and using the highest quality oil on all Used Cars that come into our service centers.

Visit one of our Service Centers in Marne & Nunica today! We are conveniently located in close proximity to Grand Rapids, Muskegon, Grand Haven, Coopersville, and many other West Michigan communities!

What Used Truck is Best for You

Well, that depends on what you want out of your truck and how well it fits your lifestyle. Are you looking to upgrade your daily driver to a bigger, more spacious, and luxurious truck? You might like higher trim level trucks like a Ford Lariat, Platinum, or Limited. Maybe a Chevy Silverado Trailboss, or High Country. These trucks are packed with cool features like soft leather seats, heated and cooled seats, sunroof/moonroof, navigation and premium audio systems. 

All that sounds nice, but maybe you’re not the flashy type. Maybe you want your truck to be as durable and long lasting as possible. You want a used truck that has lots of function and usability for your lifestyle.

You might be the type of person looking for a work truck to help you manage your load better. We suggest taking a look at our mid-level trim and mid-size truck models. These used trucks offer many of the capabilities and functions of higher-level trim trucks, but save you some money by not having those features you don’t really need anyway. 

We have a wide variety of used trucks in our inventory, with a variety of brands like Chevy, Ford, GMC, Toyota, Honda, and more! 

Come visit one of Priced Right Auto’s locations in Marne or Nunica. We are conveniently located in close proximity to Grand Rapids, Muskegon, Grand Haven, Coopersville, and many more West Michigan communities!

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